Post-Production Services

In 2023, post-production has changed. Editors are working from home, showrunners are cutting with editors remotely, and the need for solutions that eliminate headaches is more apparent than ever. That's why we've leveraged our industry contacts and experience to provide remote editing systems and Avid rentals available in addition to our state-of-the-art post-production offices that are COVID-19 Compliant.

Remote Editing Systems

A big shift, due to COVID-19, is post-production happening remotely. While other industries have been telecommuting for years, our industry has had to embrace this to keep post-production going. With active productions during the COVID-19 outbreak, we had to respond quickly to keep our post-production teams going. We worked with our partners to develop remote editing systems that work for editors and showrunners alike as long as they have a stable internet connection. We can help you too.

Avid Rentals

In our Encino offices, we have the ability to provision over fifty editing bays at any given moment. These Avid machines are perfect for cutting features and television alike and can also be transitioned to remote editing systems as production and the Covid-19 pandemic demand. Our Avids are state-of-the-art and configured to meet the needs of both on site editing or remote editing from your post-production teams homes.

COVID-19 Compliant Facilities

In March of 2020, most active productions were scrambling to understand how the COVID-19 virus could spread, what precautions needed to be taken to protect their teams, and how this would shape the way we handle production in the future. At SilverScreen Entertainment, we've worked with industry leaders, the various guilds, and our own private consultations with doctors and epidemiologists to develop COVID-19 compliant guidelines to continue to allow post-production to take place in person or a semi-remote situation while providing the protections necessary to protect your people.

Industry Leading Data Retention

We worked with 3rd party IT and infrastructure experts  and top multi-national post-production houses around the world to develop and stay ahead of trends in data retention and management to ensure your production is safe. From redundant backups to off-site servers, we take every precaution to ensure that your content is safe.

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