Production Services

When it comes to production services, not all companies were created equally. While most production teams look at a budget and decide what that budget can do, SilverScreen Entertainment leverages systems and expertise to look between the lines to identify just how to stretch your dollar further. That starts with an expertise in key areas of production services, including:


With hundreds of film and television productions under our belt, we've developed the skills and understanding necessary to identify opportunities and risks in every production. Our producorial abilities allow us to mitigate risk when we see it and leverage opportunities others might not identify to lift and improve the overall value of production. All of this helps us accomplish the number one goal of any producer: get the project done on time and on budget. That's the SilverScreen Entertainment commitment.


The fastest way for a production to go wrong is in the accounting. This often overlooked area of production is vital. This keeps your people happy and keeps the production moving. Because of our experience with budgets of all sizes, we understand how to stretch ever dollar of your budget to the greatest extent possible without putting undo stress on the other aspects of production. If you're looking for an experienced production accounting system that works, SilverScreen Entertainment is perfect for you.


After development has been given the time and nurturing it needs to come up with that golden project, the next step is fulfilling that creative vision with the right production staff and facilities. At SilverScreen Entertainment, we work with your team and budget to identify the right facilities for production and ensure they have the amenities necessary to comply with the guilds and ensure your crew are focused on getting the best product in the can. Want to know more about our unique approach to product facilities? Call us today.

Office Rentals

Whether you're looking for a WGA approved writer's room or post production offices built to keep your team focused, SilverScreen Entertainment has you covered. Our offices are designed to serve your needs in a stress and distraction free environment that will keep your staff focused on the only thing that matters: getting the best product possible and delivering it on time. If you're looking for office rentals for your production, we've got the space for you. Call us today to learn more.

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We are always looking to partner with the next generation of filmmaker who is ready to take their talents to the next level. With hundreds of films produced, we know just how to take your production to that next level while saving you time and budget. Leverage our extensive knowledge to your benefit and focus on what matters most: making film you care most about.

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