100's of Films Produced

SilverScreen Entertainment has been intimately involved with the production of hundreds of film and television projects over the last two decades. Because of that rich history and experience, we know exactly how to navigate the development and production of film and television projects no matter how big or small the budget. From expanding production value to mitigating risk, our team of experts can help you get the best production possible while relieving the burden from your shoulders with a turnkey approach that is tailored to suit the exact needs of an individual production.

Turn-Key Production Services

Turn-key production services help reduce stress, leverage systems, and execute your creative vision with ease. At SilverScreen Entertainment, we leverage our vast experience in all aspects of development and production to ensure your project is done on time and on budget.

Whether you need help in development with turn-key writer's rooms, on set with turn-key production services, or in postproduction with turn-key editing suites, we can help.

Risk Management

One of the first questions we get asked is how we manage risk to help provide an "arms-length" from the liabilities of production. Our rich experience producing film and television projects across the spectrum of production has allowed us to develop systems and an approach that mitigates risk on our end, and relieves the burden of liability from your shoulders.

Our history with the guilds and as a signatory with each of them allows us to avoid bonds and expedite production because our track record affords us the ability to execute production services faster and with less red tape.

In short, if you're concerned with liability and risk, we step in and provide a vail of separation between you and your production so you can focus on what matters: making the best product possible.

Are You A Good Fit For Us?

We are always looking to partner with the next generation of filmmaker who is ready to take their talents to the next level. With hundreds of films produced, we know just how to take your production to that next level while saving you time and budget. Leverage our extensive knowledge to your benefit and focus on what matters most: making film you care most about.

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